Crazy NYC Views? Check.

The Ritz-Carlton Westchester provides for RIDICULOUS views from its 44 story high venue. It’s so high, and so close to Manhattan, that you can see the New York City Skyline all lit up from the primary dance floor. With a large accommodating reception hall for dining and toasts, paired with a grand marble-floor dance floor with views of the city, Ritz-Carlton Westchester holiday parties have become a staple for many companies I work with on an annual basis.

You might be worried about getting up to this venue in the sky – the elevators must be torturous! Not to worry. The Ritz-Carlton Westchester has a dedicated venue elevator that takes you straight to the top. Pro Tip: If you’re bringing anything up to the party, it would behoove you to make use of a Bellman Cart from the hotel to cut down on unnecessary trips. Ask me how I know 🙂

Size Matters

Your party should be no more than 200. Any higher and your dinner and dancing will certainly be cramped. And that express elevator I mentioned? There IS only one, so a party too large will build up a queue just to get into your own VIP club. On the bottom end, you can go down to 50 and still fill up the space as the dining area can be blocked off. You want your party contained enough so it still feels like a PARTY. When your guests spread out too much at a large venue, the energy drains with it. Pick an event space appropriate for your party size!

Another small note of convenience, at least for us DJs, is that there are in-wall audio outlets throughout the venue so that you can run an audio signal from one end of the venue to the other. The reason this is useful is that the dining area and dance floor are quite separated. This is great when folks want to get away from the energy and have a quiet conversation. The drawback is that you won’t hear what is going on in the other room, particularly when announcements are made. This built-in wiring enables us DJs to set up speakers in both rooms and run audio from the dancefloor into the dining room. This way, everyone can hear announcements and get some light background music from your live DJ on the dance floor.

Ritz-Carlton Westchester Holiday Parties With Ease

All in all, a venue I HIGHLY recommend for holiday parties. The staff was incredibly easy to work with and the views are ridiculous. You won’t find a more luxurious event space outside of New York City, I can promise you that!

Venue: Ritz-Carlton Westchester

Duration: 5 hours

Guests: 150

Age Groups: Mixed, 60% <40

Dinner: Tables assigned, plated meal

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