About You

About You

You have a child-like wonder and enthusiasm about the world.

As a result, you seek experiential highs vs substance highs. Dance floors trigger out-of-body experiences on par with smiley-faced tablets. 

Your auditory cortex is hyper-wired to the part of the brain responsible for emotional processing giving the capability to feel music chills, called frisson. This is actually present in only about half of the human population. 


Transcendent, psychophysiological moments of musical experience that have been shown to incorporate the same neural reward pathways as such visceral pleasures as food and sex. …a pleasurable sensation that is paradoxically both universal and variable.

Thrills, Chills, Frissons, and Skin Orgasms: Toward an Integrative Model of Transcendent Psychophysiological Moments in Music, by Harrison & Loui at Wesleyan University

You have an appreciation of beauty that is central to what makes us human.

And frisson is that appreciation, supercharged. These existentially transcendent musical experiences are amplified in the presence of crowds and social bonding; communal participation is the frisson bull-horn that you seek.

A child-like wonder also fuels an insatiable curiosity. You frequently try new things. Curiosity killed the cat – you’ve already burned through five lives and are planning the sixth. 

And as a host, you worry about your friends as much as (if not more) than yourself.

Will everyone enjoy themselves? Will everyone be dancing?

I’ve got it from here, thank you. Go have fun. I’m the captain now.

Everyone had more fun than they knew what to do with. He killed it all night. I’d recommend him to anyone. He was easy to get a hold of and made the whole process of hiring a DJ the least stressful part of the wedding. Hire this guy. He’s your guy. 

But that’s Dan. And that’s why you should hire him. Like, today.

Connor J, Penfield Pavilion

Dan was everything we could have asked for in a DJ for our wedding! He was attentive throughout the entire process, catered to our unique requests and made sure we had nothing to worry about on the day of the wedding. Can’t imagine there would have been anyone better!

Betsy S, Wilton, CT

He was perfect for our wedding. Had to kick people off the dance floor to get them to leave. Read the group perfectly. A real pro.

Brian C, Darien, CT


What can I help you with today?

What can I help you with today?