Wedding DJ Shopping Made Easy

When Raisie and Julian approached me to do their Liberty Warehouse Wedding in Brooklyn, I was a little busy. I was DJing their friend’s wedding at the time!

The ‘Getting to know each other’ period was much easier since the couple had already seen how I perform and what my musical style is. I blend contemporary music of all decades with a modern dance twist without a single drop to the beat – all of my music is beat matched and blended live, just like the famous DJs do on stage! This was one of the draws that Raisie and Julian loved.

The Right Tools For The Job

Since they were having THREE HUNDRED GUESTS, I’d need to bring in additional sound support to fill out the room. This doesn’t mean louder – it simply means additional fill. People actually absorb sound as they fill up a room, with twice the amount of people on a dancefloor, we would need to spread out and fill the room with more sound instead of just cranking up the speakers I usually bring to a wedding.

We’d also be incorporating an Arabic singer during cocktail hour. He would set up adjacent to my DJ booth and plug his keyboard and microphone into my mixing console, easy! The ceremony upstairs but they had their own musicians and audio services were taken care of, so we would be focusing primarily on the Reception.

Matching The Venue With Your Wedding

With three hundred guests, you can begin to feel like cattle if the venue isn’t situated properly. Raisie and Julian picked an amazing location for the atmosphere they were trying to set – there would be no sit-down dinner at large tables across a large hall. Instead, food would be passed all night in addition to self-serve stations while cocktail and lounge seating encompassed the entire hall. This would be a club wedding, a tasteful club wedding at that.

Club Atmosphere For Liberty Warehouse Weddings

As far as how the day would unfold, I’ll leave you to our Agenda and Song Selections by the couple below to help paint that picture. Photos that were taken before the event also help convey the atmosphere Raise and Julian were going for by choosing a Liberty Warehouse Wedding. Paired with the dance-leaning bent of my music library and blending, I can confidently say we had three hundred happy guests on their feet in Brooklyn!

Venue: The Liberty Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY)

Guests: 300

Age Groups: Mixed, 60% <40

Cultural Representation: Israel, Puerto Rico, Arabic

Videographer: Zachary of Zephyr

Photographer: Jaka Vinšek of Jaka Vinšek Photography/Cinematography

Wedding Party: No

Dinner: Passed food + Self serve

Music Likes: George Michael, Omer Adam, Sia, Loud Luxury, Missy Elliott, Nelly, Ludacris, Beyonce, Celia Cruz, Whitney Houston, Usher, Ariana Grande, La Bouche, Gypsy Kings, Janet Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Robyn, Jay-Z, Post Malone

  • Dinner seating with Red Uplighting at Rustic wedding venue Libery Warehouse Brooklyn NY
  • Lounge seating for cocktail hour with uplighting at rustic wedding venue Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn NY
  • Rustic dancefloor before wedding reception with uplighting at the Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn NY


4:00 PM – Ceremony w/ Arabic singer

5:00 PM – Cocktail Hour

5:45 PM – First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance


Arabic Singer

6:30 PM – Open Dance Floor

7:30 PM – Cake Cutting


10:00 PM – Conclusion

Song Selections

First Dance:
  • Always Remember Us This Way – Lady Gaga
Father/Daughter Dance:
  • To Sir WIth Love – Lulu
Mother/Son Dance:
  • Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  • Hora Medley
  • Mehapecha shel simcha – Omer Adam
  • Balbeli oto – Gilad Masmi
  • Terminal 3 – Dudu Aharon
Cake Cutting:
  • Last Nite – The Strokes


Venue: The Liberty Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY)

Videographer: Zachary of Zephyr

Photographer: Jaka Vinšek of Jaka Vinšek Photography/Cinematography

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