Latitude 41 is located in well renowned Mystic CT, right on the coast. Thus, Ceremonies for Latitude 41 Weddings are held right on the water!

This made for fantastic views during Golden Hour. Golden hour for those that do not know, is the hour leading up to sunset where the sky is lit up in gold. When the clouds cooperate, photographers eat this up!

Waterside ceremonies can make for a challenge in regards to guests hearing your vows. We provide microphones so everyone can hear – yes even grandma! Too much wind can make this a challenge, however. An easy approach is using wind covers on your traditional handheld mic as opposed to the tiny lapel microphones that clip-on. The reason for this is that those tiny mics need to amplify the sound, as they are physically farther from your voice. This amplification also picks up wind! So instead, we use handheld mics with wind covers. No amplified wind and grandma can hear you cry while you say your vows just fine 🙂

A little ways up the lawn from the water is where cocktail hour was held. A shaded patio hugging the reception hall made for a cozy space to kick off the festivities following the ceremony. We’d provide background music to complement the vibe, of course. A grand introduction kicked off first dances and dinner, followed by toasts. Then we’d have free reign to run the dance floor to close out the night.

With such a diverse crowd, we ran the gamut as far as much genres go. Classic Rock, Hip hop, Reggaeton, EDM, Pop, Disco, 80s, 90s. Throw a photo booth in the corner and we were rocking all night!

Latitude 41 Wedding Specs

Guests: 120

Age Groups: 20s-30s, 50-70 tops

Wedding Party: Yes

Wedding Party Introduced: Yes, preceded by parents

Dinner: Tables assigned, plated meal

Music Likes: John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, Abba, Steely Dan, Eagle, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, Rascal Flatts, Chicago, Jason Derulo, Ace of Base, Hunter Hayes, Diplo, AC/DC, Billy Joel, J Balvin, Salt-N-Pepa


5:30 PM – Ceremony

6:00 PM – Cocktail Hour

7:00 PM – Reception

7:15 PM – Introduction

First Dance


7:45 PM – Dinner served

8:30 PM – Parent Dances

10:30 PM – Conclusion


Venue: Latitude 41 (Mystic)

Officiant: Nick Grasso

Photographer: Joshua Rascati of Alicia Ann Photographers

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Latitude 41 Weddings in Mystic CT
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Latitude 41 Weddings in Mystic CT
Latitude 41 is located in well renowned Mystic CT, right on the coast, perfect for wedding ceremonies on the water!
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