Dave Doing Dave Things

Dave has always been a prankster. So, true to form, we’d be pranking our guests at his Mayfair Farms Wedding! More on that in a bit.

Mayfair Farms Weddings are very much suited to Fall Weddings. We held the ceremony on the back patio with a luscious backdrop which opened right into the bar where cocktail hour was held thereafter. It was a little cold otherwise it would have been outside, but the convenience and flexibility of our layout today allowed us to call an audible. We signified the start of the Reception by opening up large sliding doors adjacent to the bar, revealing the dining room. Easy access to the bar throughout the night? Check. A magic mirror photo booth provided a fun reprieve in between trips to the bar.

Now as mentioned, Dave is a prankster. After first dances and toasts were done, they would play a little skit during the first course…

The Prank

“I’d like everyone’s attention please, I’ve just been informed that David and Jessica have had their first fight of the marriage. As per their wedding vows, they need to resolve this matter in a manner that satisfies both parties, which is where you all come in.  

“As most of you know, Jessica’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. The argument is over who is which character in the movie. Of course, Jessica looks beautiful tonight, and David does have his mane of hair, BUT David likes to point out that Jessica is quick to anger, can be stubborn, and forced him to stay at her house to get back on his feet. 

“The decision has been made, and here they present to you their decision. Jessica, please show us the results!

*Jess comes out dressed as the Beast, Dave comes out as Belle*

We invited all couples to join them in their slow dance and carried on for a fantastic night!

Beauty Beast Prank Dance at Mayfair Farms Wedding


5:30 PM – Ceremony

6:00 PM – Cocktail Hour

7:00 PM – Reception

7:15 PM – Introduction

First Dance

Parent Dances


7:30 PM – First course served

~20 mins    Prank Skit

9:00 PM – Main Course

9:30 PM – Cut Cake, Garter & Bouquet Toss

11:00 PM – Conclusion

Wedding Specs

Guests: 125

Age Groups: 2 to 85; 30s & 50s

Wedding Party: Yes

Wedding Party Introduced: Yes

Dinner: Tables assigned, plated meal

Music Likes: Four Seasons, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, DNCE, Nelly, Missy Elliott, Pitbull, Ginuwine


Venue: Mayfair Farms (West Orange)

Photographer: Joe of The Pros

Videographer: Max of of The Pros

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