Today’s Riverview Bistro Wedding was a simple, understated affair. The couple is in their fifties and would both be getting married for the second time. As a result, there was little desire for the pomp and circumstance of a big lavish event.

The brief ceremony was held in the Reception Hall, with little more than a song picked out for the processional and a few short vows. Being low-key, my focus was on providing background music. This is opposed to the coordination of a longer agenda with hours of dancing. Weddings that are held earlier in the day typically have lower energy levels, especially when there are fewer than 100 guests. Today’s Riverview Bistro Wedding was no exception.

As a DJ and event performer, I meet people where they are and guide them from there. If guests want to catch up and socialize more than they want to kick it on the dance floor, who am I to force them! In such cases, background music setting the tone is more appropriate (and appreciated) than loud, energetic dance music that will have little effect.

While I love big parties as much as the next person, a relaxing afternoon Riverview Bistro Wedding fit the bill perfectly today!

Venue: Riverview Bistro

Guests: 80

Age Groups: Mixed, 60% <40

Wedding Party: Yes

Wedding Party Introduced: No

Dinner: Tables assigned, meal self-served

Music Likes: Destiny’s Child, Bon Jovi, Dion, K7, Shakira, Elvis Crespo, John Travolta, Love Affair, Neil Diamond, Phil Collins

Processional Song Selection: Diogo Piçarra – Safe and Sound

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