Today’s Penfield Pavilion Wedding was a low-key affair. The bride and groom are not ones for large statements and just wanted to celebrate with their friends and family. As a result, there was little desire for a big event with that much going on.

Their small and intimate ceremony was held outside on the beach-facing deck in the cool sea breeze. I provided some light background music and ensured that everyone could hear the couple’s vows over the ocean waves with some wireless microphones. In all, the ceremony took five minutes and thirty seconds!

Since we began the day at 10 AM, mimosas were available for Cocktail hour. Food was available at noon, after which some special guests would make a few toasts. The couple had their first dances but today we even had a Father / Son Dance off to some classic 90s hip-hop breakbeats! Even with an early start time, this small crowd did not intend to let an opportunity to hit the dance floor pass them up.

If you’re in the market for a relaxed, quaint wedding on the water that will not break the bank, a Penfield Pavilion Wedding on Sunday mornings might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Guests: 80

Age Groups: 30-65, mostly 30-45 (Family) w/ mid 20s

Wedding Party: Yes

Wedding Party Introduced: No

Dinner: Tables assigned, self-serve meal

Music Likes: Mumford & Sons, Nickelback, Taylor Swift, Ace of Base, Wayne Wonder, Train, Music can go all the way back to the 20s.


10:00 AM – Ceremony

10:30 PM – Cocktail Hour

11:30 PM – Reception

12:00 PM – Food available

~20 mins    Toasts

1:30 PM – Combined Parent Dances

First Dance

2:00 PM – Father/Son Dance-Off

Bouquet Toss

3:00 PM – Conclusion


Venue: Penfield Pavilion (Fairfield)

Caterer: Carl Anthony’s Trattoria

Day of Coordinator: Kelly Matregrano

Photographer: Barbara Gabrielle

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