Chris reached out to me in December about throwing a surprise party for his wife’s 40th birthday the following month. The goal: Something fun and energetic to relive some of their past party days but still catch up with friends and acquaintances. A Black Rock Yacht Club Party would be in order.

Chris had picked a great venue. The Black Rock Yacht Club in Bridgeport is an intimate space with great versatility. You walk immediately onto the dance floor as you enter. To your left are couches and a fireplace offering a homey living room feel. Straight ahead is seating for dinner and the like.

As a guiding principle in choosing an event space, you want to stay away from venues too large. If your guests are spread thin, the energy in the room dissipates. It will feel as though you are not at a party at all! Pick a venue based on the size of your party for the optimal atmosphere.

The Black Rock Yacht Club has the flexibility to adjust in proportion to your party size. Smaller guest list? Close off the dining area and contain your group to the living room/dance floor area. With fifty guests for his wife’s birthday party, we fit right at home with everything open to allow the party to comfortably fill the venue. By my estimates, you would want to stay between 30 and 100 people for a space of this size.

The party itself – it was an absolute hit! We completely surprised Chris’s wife, everyone was able to catch up through dinner, and we ended with a few solid hours of dancing to wrap up this Black Rock Yacht Club Party.

Party Specs

Venue: Black Rock Yacht Club (Bridgeport)

Schedule: 7 PM – 11 PM

Guests: 50

Age Groups: Mixed, 80% ~40s

Dinner: Food stations

Surprise: Yes!

Music Likes: Beyonce, Notorious BIG, Ke$ha, Lmfao, Kanye West, Kevin Lyttle, Busta Rhymes, Justin Timberlake, House of Pain, K7

Having a Black Rock Yacht Club Party??

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